Whether you are looking for warm valve tone, or pristine un-coloured sound –  then the impressive range of vintage and modern recording equipment awaits you at One Louder Studios…

If the latest Pro Tools HD system is the brains of the studio, then the Cadac A-Type mixer is the heart. You just can’t beat the sound of vintage analogue recording gear, and it doesn’t get much better recorded into the pristine Avid and Prism converters. There’s enough channels to record a full drum kit, a choir or anything in between and to complement the desk we have even more pre amps from  Neve, SSL and Thermionic culture. So if you’re looking for 70’s solid state, 60’s valve or modern and clean then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve also got some outboard equipment from the top names in mastering: GML, Pultec and SPL.


Cadac A-Type 40 channel mixing desk, late 70’s

SSL X-Logic X-Desk

PSB-1 16 Channel Passive Summing Mixer


Prism Sound Dream ADA-8

Apogee Big Ben

Lavry Black

2x Digidesign 192 16 I/O

Mac Prorunning Pro Tools HD




Yamaha NS-10S


SE Ribbon

Advanced Audio


3 X AML 1073-500 Preamp/EQ

5 X 5003 API 550A style EQ

Thermionic Culture Freebird Valve EQ

Thermionic Culture Nightingale Valve Preamp with EQ and Compressor

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Pheonix mastering compressor

Bricasti M7 Reverb

2X SSL E-Series EQ

2X SSL G-Series EQ

2X SSL X-Rack stereo dynamics modules

SSL X-Rack stereo EQ module

GML Model 8200 EQ

TK Audio BC1-S stereo SSL bus compressor

API 2500 stereo compressor

2x DBX 160X compressors

1176 compressor

SPL Stereo Vitalizer

2X ezP-1A Pultec Program Equalizer