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How to Make A Crowdfunded Album

Why not Crowdfund your next live album?

The idea: You play live at the Folk Lore Venue (Next door to the studio in Shoreditch London) we have tie lines from the venue straight into the SSL studio. You charge your friends and fans what you like on the door to help you cover the recording cost and have some left over for album promotion. Record your live gig on the legendary G Series SSL Console, redo the odd vocal and guitar part on a separate day and have it mixed and mastered at One Louder Studios.

The venue has a licensed bar and holds unto 150 people.

This way you don't have to record in your shed on a laptop. Many great sounding records have come off of an G Series SSL Console and recording live on an SSL is the ultimate way of capturing a performance without compromising the sound quality.

Eample of financial Breakdown

150 guests charged £10 door entry total £1500.00

Cost to record mix and master ! hour of recording £600.00

total left over for marketing £900.00


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